TT – Jotform and Lead Conversion

If the key to keeping your business thriving is to have a healthy sales pipeline, then you will be on the lookout for any lead generation tools available.

A great way of capturing data is by using a Contact Us type of webform on your website. One of the best tools out there for building forms is Jotform.

Using the Jotform integration with OpenCRM you can capture form submissions into the Leads module, assigned to the right sales person. This means that none of those prospects slip through the cracks but land directly into the hands of your sales team. What’s more as those people have expressed an interest by filling a form in themselves, this is so much better than any cold calling technique as your leads are already qualified.

Using a custom view on your Leads or Activities module you can ensure that the newest Leads appear right at the top of your sales person’s list of records to action, to help keep them front and centre of attention.

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Video Transcript:

Hi – for today’s video I have a couple of features to demo to you creating a new lead in OpenCRM via a Jotform submission and then converting that lead to carry the details across to the new contact, company and opportunity records.

So I’m going to start by creating that lead in the Jotform.

If you look at the data we’ve captured – details like personal skills are relevant to the contact, number of employees is relevant at company level and implementation date is useful on your

The personal skills and implementation date fields are custom fields.

So we now need to look at our field mapping and instruct the system how we want it to convert that data.

Ss you can see you have a lot of options for mapping or copying information from one record to another.

Here I’ve mapped the implementation date from the lead to the opportunity and the personal skills field to the contact.

Now when I convert that lead you can see at company level it has inherited details such as industry and number of employees.

If I flip to the contact you can see the personal skills field and if I now switch to the opportunity, you can see that implementation date field has been filled in.

So in a couple of steps we’ve captured a lead via a web form submission, and when we want to bring that into our sales pipeline, all that valuable information has been segmented and stored where it makes the most sense.

Thank you for watching.

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