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The keyboard shortcuts we’ve added with the latest version of OpenCRM will help you navigate the system quickly, saving you time and making you more efficient.

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Video Transcript: 

Keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to increase your general PC and Mac productivity

You’ll likely be familiar with using Ctrl C and Ctrl V for copyand pasting or Ctrl f for on-screen searching in programs such as word processors or web browsers

Another great feature with bought into opencrm version 4 are our very own navigation shortcuts

With many of us working predominantly from our keyboards we wanted to build in some quick and easy ways to navigate opencrm with no need to jump back to your mouse unless you want to of course

So let’s show you how these shortcuts work and the time that can be saved by utilizing them

I’m going to start in my calendar Hub I want to jump over to my opportunities to check out my pipeline by selecting control and K on my keyboard

I’m presented with my navigation search

I want to go to Opportunities so I start typing o p p and I’m dynamically presented with options

Simply hit enter and I jump over to the module no clicks required

My pipeline’s looking in pretty good shape so it’s on to the next task

I’ve had a call come in from a new inquiry

I want to quickly create them as a new lead

No problem

Ctrl K again this time beginning to type in the word lead and keying down to select the new lead option

Some valuable time saved there instead of clicking around

From here I can fill out this prospect’s information as part of my inquiry process and once I’m ready

I’m going to jump back to home within opencrm version 4 our Global search has moved to the top of the screen

It still works in the same way giving us a full or partial keyword search of Key System modules but another new shortcut makes this process slightly Easier

By selecting control and G this time open CRM will skip my cursor directly into the global search bar and allow me to start typing straight away

Again no clicks needed

I type in my search hit enter and away we go with my results returned for me ready to process how I need to

And there we have it Ctrl K and Control G shortcuts in open CRM helping you to save valuable time in your working day

Thanks for watching and join us again soon for another open CRM Tuesday tip


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