TT – Line Numbering on Sales Records

This Tuesday Tip for OpenCRM shows you how you can enable line numbering. This gives you an easy way to rearrange the product rows on your sales entities. Regardless of which steps you implement in your own sales cycle, you are likely to be using one or more of the following modules.

When raising a Quote, Sales Order, Purchase Order or Invoice, you need to list the relevant Products being bought or sold. But you may want to present those products in a specific order, rather then the order in which you added them. Furthermore whilst negotiating Quotes, you may need to remove certain items and add in others.

Within OpenCRM we have a feature that can be enabled to add line numbering to Product rows. This gives you an easy way of reshuffling the rows on your record to present them in the most attractive or logical order. This could be for internal use to help your packing department or it could be for customer-facing purposes.

Once you have your products sorted how you like them, the next logical step is to output the key information to PDF.

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