TT – Managing Multiple Email Addresses

If you are storing business and private email addresses for your Contacts, this video shows you how you can opt to use one or the other (or both) when sending emails from OpenCRM

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Video Transcript:

Here’s one for you to think about –

Have you got contacts with more than one email address?

If you’re working on and building relationships with your partners –

Maybe they have one email address you use to send their invoices and you might have their personal email address which you use for social purposes.

Maybe you want to send them tickets to a football match or invite them to a fundraiser.

Okay so let’s just head over to settings and enable the following options –

Firstly in the email settings area and secondly in the interface settings area we’re going to tick the option to use advanced bulk emailing.

Now that we’ve turned these settings on let’s take a look at a contact with multiple email fields filled in.

As you can see on the email button you now have a drop down menu so you can choose which address to use.

If you’re emailing more than one person you’ll see the following screen.

Pick and choose the combination of email addresses you want to use and away you go.

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