TT – Managing Multiple Email Addresses

Many people will have at least two email addresses that they use – one for work and one for private purposes. You might also find people using more than one work email, for example one “personal” work email, and another for accounts or support. You may also want to store the email address of a personal assistant.

It stands to reason that if you are storing those email addresses, you will also use them, and probably for different scenarios. You may use a person’s business email to send them details of a quote or an invoice, whereas you will use their personal email address to invite them to a fundraising campaign.

This type of scenario is not going to be applicable to all types of business, so we have a couple of settings that allow you to toggle whether you want to use this multiple email address feature. You may also want to think about your screen design and layout of the fields so you can see the email addresses in a place that makes most sense to you.

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