TT – Managing your Accounts using OpenCRM and Xero

If your sales people live in your OpenCRM system and your finance department works spends their working day within your accounting software then this is for you.

Our Xero integration makes it easy to keep your accounts in line with your CRM. Details such as credit control or outstanding payments are vital to all members of your team. The finance people know who to chase, and your sales people know when to put the brakes on if a client is in arrears. Account managers can also get involved if they use payment reminders as part of their day-to-day account management and customer service.

Without the accounts integration you would have your different departments constantly chasing one another for information – once the integration is switched on, you should see a significant increase in efficiency.

Xero is growing in popularity, currently boasting over 1,000,000 subscribers in the UK. It is straightforward to learn and use, which explains its success.

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Video Transcript:

Hello, in this video we’re going to take a look at how easy it is to sync your invoices and related customers, products and credit details between OpenCRM and Xero

The starting point is to get the two systems talking to one another.

From the invoice module, select the button to connect to Xero then simply follow the on-screen prompts to get connected.

Now that we have OpenCRM connected to Xero, we have the send to Xero and update from Xero buttons appear within OpenCRM.

I’m now going to send an invoice to Xero and show you what happens.

I can see within Xero, I have a new draft invoice on my dashboard.

As well as the invoice, the client details have also been created within Xero.

After the accounts team has approved the invoice, if I flip back to OpenCRM and click to update from Xero, I can now see the invoice status is set to live and the outstanding amount is visible on the company record, and i can see all of this without needing to access Xero or bug the accounts team.

The salesperson has clear visibility of the progress of invoices and the credit status of customers.

When your accounts team has processed any payments, your sales team can click to check for updates from Xero, and as you can see the invoice has been marked as paid.

If we jump back to the company record you can see the outstanding amount has been adjusted accordingly.

It’s as simple as that – once you’re connected to Xero, use one button to send invoices to Xero and another button to retrieve information from Xero to keep OpenCRM up-to-date.

Thanks for watching.

If you’d like further info about our Xero integration or any of our other great features at OpenCRM please get in touch.

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