TT – Notifications in OpenCRM

Data in your OpenCRM can be sorted in various ways to help you see information relevant to you at the right time – this is done using Custom Views. But there are various scenarios where you need that extra prompt and that’s where Notifications come into play.

Here are a couple of examples of Notifications in action.

Firstly when you have an Activity coming up, you have the ability to send yourself a reminder a short while before hand to help you prepare.

A second scenario is when one of your colleagues puts a new record into the system or edits an existing record, and reassigns the record to you. The act of reassigning will generate a notification – again sent to you via email to let you know that you have a new Activity/ Contact/ Quote/ Ticket etc. that needs managing.

One more scenario is when a colleague wants to manually send a memo internally. This could be to a specific person, or it could be to the whole team.
You can control how you receive these notifications so that even if you are currently not logged into your OpenCRM, you still don’t miss out on those important and timely details.

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