TT – Opportunity Pipeline Graph

This is one for the sales team! With all those Opportunities pouring into your business, you and your salespeople need a quick snapshot overview of how well you’re doing!

This is the perfect time to use our Opportunity Pipeline Graph! It’ll give you a broad overview of the whole team, but also allow you to drill down into the numbers to get that granular understanding of where you’re at!

It’s easy to configure! Easy to understand and easy to use!

In this week’s video, Ashley walks you through how to set up the Combined column. Use this to can see an overview of which of your own customised Sales Stages are close to making a decision.

She’ll also show you how to set which view is used when you click on your different business types within the Closed Won column. This lets you view the information from these Opportunities that is most important to you and your sales team.

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