TT – Overview of the Sales Journey

This video walks you through the sales journey in OpenCRM. You can mix and match these stages to make the journey as simple or sophisticated as you need.

Learn how you can create Quotes from Opportunities (without any re-entering of data), export and email PDFs, and use our eSign functionality.

You can manage your whole sales process – from Opportunity to Quote to Sales Order to Purchase Order and (finally) to Invoice. With the important information always being copied back to that central Opportunity.

In this video, Tom will take you through an example sale, showing you how to manage each stage of your sales process from OpenCRM. Of course when it comes to your own use of the system, you can leave out one or more of the stages that is covered in this video.
Don’t use Quotes? No problem, create your Sales Order or even your Invoice straight from the Opportunity. Here at OpenCRM, we know that every business is unique, which is why we built a system that can be tailored to fit every business.

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