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Do you have different price categories for your customers? Perhaps you have a ‘Gold’ tier you offer for certain customers, and offer them some nice discounts? Don’t worry, OpenCRM has you covered with our Pricebooks feature!

This video gives you a brief overview of our Pricebooks functionality and a quick ‘how to’ guide

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Video Transcript:

Hi – in this video I’m going to give you a quick introduction to price books in OpenCRM.

This is a feature that enables you to offer different contract prices to different categories of clients.

No doubt you have a standard pricing for your product range, but you might also have a gold strategy offering a 20 discount on given products.

You can apply the discounted pricing to all the product range or you can be selective as there may be certain products where you don’t want to offer a discount.

This versatile feature gives you the choice of applying the same discount to all products, but you can also override this at individual product level to give you more granular control over your pricing.

Okay, so here’s an example of a price book – a list of products where you can see the original list price and the discounted rate.

Let’s look at a client of ours who is on the gold price book.

If I now raise a quote for that client, you can see that the price book has been linked to the quote and if I now add one of the products listed against that price book you’ll see how it applies the discounted rate.

No need to remember who pays what – the system does it for you!

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