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With OpenCRM you have the extremely helpful sidebar layout. All of the important links you will need to navigate the system are right them, tucked away in the sidebar so that you can easily bounce from one module to the next. But what about the quick links module?

Although we think you should be able to do 99% of your daily tasks within OpenCRM we do recognize that it’s sometimes necessary to jump to a frequently used website. Digital Marketing people dealing with social media channels are a very good example. Or perhaps you are working with foreign currency a lot within your role (finance team, I’m looking at you). With OpenCRM you can set a user’s quick links to be whatever you want. Your team no longer have to open up a new tab and type out the website they need. Or have 10 tabs open at all times within a browser, simply click on the quick links module and select the Twitter/Facebook/XE quick link to open the external website up in a new window.

It sounds like a small feature, but it’s one we all use daily and you will quickly become thankful that OpenCRM has this nifty module. And, as with all of our modules, this can be customized per user and is available to all, right out of the box.

Check out the Tuesday Tip video above for more information.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, here’s another quick Tuesday Tip video to show you how to make the most of the links component in the sidebar.

You can use this to add quick links to any websites that you and your team use.

To add links, click on settings and then profiles.

Select a profile and then click to “edit links”.

Add a description which is what you’ll see in the sidebar and add the website and click add.

Within each profile you have this menu with the tick box to show so you can pick and choose the links that are relevant to the different groups of users on your system.

Thanks for watching.

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