TT – Recording payments against Invoices

Did you know you are able to manage the entire sales process – and beyond – in OpenCRM?

Right from Lead nurturing through to managing your sales pipeline, getting Sales Orders eSigned, using Purchase Orders to procure goods and then invoicing your clients (using some great looking PDF templates along the way). But it doesn’t stop there.

You can also log Payments against an Invoice. This does a few things behind the scenes too – updating the Invoice Status and Amount Outstanding fields. This is the type of automation you might expect by setting up Workflow, except that this functionality is already built in!

Of course your Invoices are linked back to your clients, so on the Company record you have visibility of (amongst other things) open, part-paid and fully paid invoices.

This video will walk you through how to record full and partial payments against Invoices in OpenCRM, with all the calculations and annoying filling in of details done for you.

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