TT: Reporting on your Data

After spending some time importing all of your data into your new OpenCRM system and customizing the system to work best for your business, it’s time to think about how to use this data.

One of the huge advantages of a CRM system is having everything interconnected and being able to use this data to further your company and better your business. After all, what good is inputting your data if you can’t then get it back out to review it?

OpenCRM has all of the tools you need to create reports on the data you hold. Whether that be on sales targets, payment dates, leads coming in or anything else you can think of, OpenCRM can do it!

And, with the ability to schedule those data reports you no longer need to think about setting aside a whole bunch of time before the weekly sales meeting. Simply create the report you need, tell the system when you need it to arrive on your desk (or rather, in your inbox) and OpenCRM will do the rest. If you need the sales report at 11.00 on a Tuesday, it’ll be there!

Take a look at the Tuesday Tip above for some helpful tricks and tips around reporting and if there is anything else we can help with please reach out, we love to chat data reports with anyone who wishes to have more information.

Our Tuesday Tips series is a weekly video blog of helpful hints and tricks to use OpenCRM to its fullest capacity.
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