TT – Restoring Deleted Records

Need to recover a deleted record? It’s easy to find and recover deleted records (including Reports) in OpenCRM’s Recycle Bin.

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a record or stumbled across one that shouldn’t have been deleted, there’s a particular kind of panic you’ll be familiar with. A heartbeat-skipping moment of terror!

But never fear, restoring deleted records is really easy with Open CRM and this Tuesday Tip is going to walk you through how to do it.

Once the record has been restored, your job is done. You don’t need to recreate any links to other records or rebuild anything. It essentially gets put back exactly where it was before.

Remember that only system administrators can restore deleted records. Any user with the correct permissions, however, can delete records. This permission is set at the profile level.

It’s also worth having a read through of our guide on what happens when you delete a record in Open CRM.


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