TT: Segmenting your Data with Custom Views

When your sales team jump into a module, they don’t want to be presented with every single team member’s work, and have to scroll and search for ages to find the relevant data. If its singular records you are looking for, we have the powerful search tool available, but what if it’s a specific list you need?

With OpenCRM’s custom views you can create as many specific lists of data as you need, and then assign those to the relevant users. So, Dave in the sales team can see the leads he’s working on as default when he jumps to the lead’s module, and Sally can see hers!

As with most things in OpenCRM you can control the permissions of those views also. So, if you have a team struggling to share, you can segment the data lists and only allow the relevant team members to see the data lists they need.

Check out the Tuesday Tip above to see how those work and if there is anything else you have questions about, or would like to discuss any of the many customization options available with OpenCRM, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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