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Building great email templates sometimes requires a little extra help. And for this there are tools like Stripo out there. Watch this week’s Tuesday Tip to find out how you can use Stripo to create a great looking email template, add that into Open CRM, and get on with the business of sending out your emails.

The great thing about using Stripo to build the template, but then send from within Open CRM is really that you can use the best of both worlds.

Stripo helps you build beautiful email templates with a simple drag n’ drop interface. Open CRM lets you personalise them, attach documents and files automatically, set the sender’s name and address, track email opens and clicks, cc and bcc other Contacts or users, and so much more.

The combination of the two tools (and future integration—shhh!) the best way to get the most out of both of them.

For more tips on creating beautiful and powerful email templates, stay tuned to our blog and Stripo’s.


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