TT: The Customer Portal

Does your support team spend an awful lot of time on the phone or answering emails just to give a ticket update? If this describes your business, you need our Customer Portal Feature.

With OpenCRM you can give your customers access to a portal to their current and past tickets from within any web browser! No longer will your customers be calling the support team to simply get an update, then can log themselves into the portal and check for themselves.

This will reduce the time spent by the support team on none essential correspondence, but more importantly, it would drastically improve the customer service your business can provide. We all know it’s frustrating to have to stay on hold for a few minutes when all you need is a simple update. With the Customer Portal access, you can remove that frustration altogether.

To see how this works as well as some of the other cool things you can do with the customer portal, check out the Tuesday Tip Video above.

Our Tuesday Tips series is a weekly video blog of helpful hints and tricks to use OpenCRM to its fullest capacity.
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