TT – Timeline, Heartbeat and Filtering

Here’s a quick video to demonstrate how you can use our Timeline feature to really bring your data to life. Get an instant view of the latest interactions with your customers and prospects, pinning the data that is essential to you.

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Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to another Tuesday tip video

In this video, I’m going to be demonstrating the timeline feature

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Okay, timeline, if it’s not already visible to you you can open the timeline from any record by clicking the arrows in the top right corner next to the audit label

At the top, you have the heartbeat with some key pieces of information

Below you have your timeline which provides a shortcut to the records that relate back to the contact record in this example

If you want the timeline to always be visible click this icon to pin it

You’ll also notice how the rest of the screen resizes to fit

Now the timeline is pinned for that module it will always be open

When you open a contact record until you decide to unpin

Let’s look at the timeline in more detail scrolling down you can see it is a detailed overview of all recent records that relate to this contact

There is some color coding on the icons the red icons show you when something is overdue

Clicking the icon itself will open it in a pop-up window

Clicking the name will open that record in the main window

You can also fine-tune the timeline to filter on specific modules

Click the filter option and choose the modules

Bear in mind this is set at the user level so for example someone working in the support department might choose to see activities and tickets

Whereas someone in sales might only need to see pending activities emails and opportunities

Don’t forget these settings are sticky so we’ll stay like this for that user until they change it

Another really useful feature here is a keyword search that allows you to do a quick search for items within the timeline

Finally, at the very top of the timeline box, you also have the ability to do a quick create on a new activity

This works the same way as a regular activity screen allowing you to fill in the usual details and as you can see the contact is also linked

Hopefully, that gives you plenty of information on this great feature

Thank you for watching



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