TT – Tracking Click-Throughs with Stripo and OpenCRM

Click Through Links are a way to track who has clicked on which links in one of the emails you’ve sent out.

But if you create your email template in Stripo instead of in OpenCRM, how do you get these crafty links into that email template?

That’s exactly what this video shows you how to do.

If you aren’t sure what a Click Through Link is, you have a read through our guide on how to set these up:

But in basic terms:

In OpenCRM, the number of clicks and email recipients who clicked can be displayed as totals on a Campaign (i.e. 5 clicks by 10 people or 3% of your email recipients clicked a link). You can also see on a Lead or Contact record how many times that individual has clicked through on various Campaigns. If you want to delve into that in even more detail, you can look at the Activities created to see exactly which links each person clicked!

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