TT – Tracking Sales Commissions

One powerful feature in OpenCRM is the ability to allocate commissions to your sales team based on a commission rate set against a product. This allows for very granular control where you only allocate commissions against certain products or services.

Tom starts by showing you how each salesperson can see the progress of their commission via both the sidebar and their dashboard.

He’ll then walk you through how that commission is created and approved within Open CRM.

First, he’ll show you a salesperson creating an invoice and how the commission value is set at the product level. You’ll see how the value of the commission changes based on the adjustments the salesperson makes when they adjust the margin or sell price.

He’ll walk you through approving commissions and you’ll see the sidebar and dashboard change in real time.

Once you’ve seen how it works, Tom walks you through which settings you need to be aware and how each salesperson can get access to their commission in both the sidebar and on their dashboard.

If you’d like to set this up for your users, here is the FAQ Tom references in the video: How to set up and use Advanced Commissions in OpenCRM.


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