TT: Using your CRM Hub

Did you know that you can use your OpenCRM Calendar as a hub for your whole CRM system? Well, you can!

Most of our users have the home module set up as the calendar. This means when a user first logs into the system and is presented with the ‘Home’ module, they are looking at their day to come as well as their task list. This saves so much time and, more importantly, encourages your team to use the CRM system you have provided them. Why would they want to go to a third-party task list or calendar when it’s a default home screen on OpenCRM!

Make OpenCRM the hub of your business and watch as your company goes from strength to strength!

Check out the Tuesday Tip above for more information about this and if there is anything else we can help with, reach out to us via email or give us a call…We are from Yorkshire so we do love a good chat, especially when it’s relating to all things CRM

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