We’ve Got a New Website!

19 Jun 2017

Yippee!! We’ve got a new website, we’ve got a new website!

As with so many large projects, the idea of what the journey will be and what it actually turns out to be are somewhat different.

Stage One: the Idea

In the beginning, we decided that wanted a new website and got in touch with our go-to web design company.

There were meetings about the purpose of the site, as well as lengthy chats about “look”, “feel”, and navigation.

Once everything was decided, we moved on to the build.

Stage Two: the Build

Although most of the actual building of the site was done by this external company, we stayed involved (and were kept informed) every step of the way.

Much like our own customers’ configuration projects, staying up-to-date on the progress of the project gave us the opportunity to answer little questions that came up, ask our own, and make little tweaks as and where they were needed.

Stage Three: the Stress

As with any business central work, there was a fair amount of stress involved. Not because things were difficult, complicated, or messy on their own, but because having the right website is so important to our business.

There was a lot of pressure on in that last week leading up to the launch of the site.

There was QA and testing to do, last minute reflection of word choice, design and navigation tweaks, and all the technical backend ducks that needed to be in a row.

Stage Four: the Launch

And then we made it. Everything was finished, we launched the website, and it all looks great!

Looking back at the energy and effort (not to mention the blood, sweat, and tears) that went into getting our company’s shopfront looking and sounding exactly how we wanted it suddenly feel worth it.

No really. We’re so excited about this new site and I personally want to thank everyone who has been involved.

It’s been a short, if sometimes arduous journey, but it has all been worth it.