What is a Change Freeze?

A Change Freeze simply means that we won’t be carrying out any major changes to customer systems during this period.

There’s no denying that, whenever changes are applied to a system, you and your users will need more support, both for general questions and small, but necessary tweaks. In the weeks leading up to and after Christmas, we simply have less resource available to provide this support.

So we implement a freeze on all changes to customer systems and do not carry out any support change requests, system upgrades or development/major configuration of customer systems.

Will this affect me?

As we do not schedule any work during this time, this should not affect any of our customers.

We can assure you that, if you have recently requested changes to be made to your system, these will have been scheduled for either before or after this period.

What if I need something super urgently?

Our support team is available to deal with your enquiries as normal. If you have something that really can’t wait, you can, of course, just drop us an email and we will see what we can do.

Thank you for your understanding during this holiday season and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas break of your own.