What’s Next For Cloud Systems?

9 Jul 2015

The concept of Cloud-based storage and technology can be traced back to the advent of mainframe computing back in the 1950s1, but in reality it’s only been in the past 10-15 years that the virtual technology has really taken off and become widely adopted.

If you are young enough, like me, to remember back to when computers first started making news and becoming a tool for both business and person use, rather than just research, I think that’s a good comparison for where the Cloud is today. Lots of businesses and individuals are utilising this great tool for a wide variety of reasons, but I have no doubt that this is only the beginning of this amazing technology.

Computer technology, and most especially the Internet, has come on leaps and bounds in a very short space of time – the evolution, speed and design is insane. It’s really hard to believe that today’s children don’t understand and haven’t experienced a world without information at their fingertips. My own children have literally grown up using computers and had access to the Internet for their entire educational careers.

Cloud computing is now widely accepted across business, with most companies using some kind of online tool to manage their finances, processes, communication, etc. As time goes on, more time and money is being invested into improving and evolving Cloud-based software and technology. It’s truly changing the way we work, in much the same way computers did when their first hit the business world. Instead of “just” improving our efficiency and productivity, however, the Cloud is helping us become more connected which makes us work more effectively together.

Outside of the business world, the rise of social media is just one example of the way the Cloud has become intrinsically bound up into our daily lives. We don’t even question it anymore…in fact, we’re more likely to be annoyed when we can’t access some piece of our information rather than marvel at the fact that we can access just about anything, from just about anywhere.

So how far can this technology go? Well if you asked me 25 years ago, when I was involved in bringing Apple’s Mac to the UK, I would never have thought we would have technology even near what is available today…at least not so soon. You can’t help but wonder what the next 25 years has in store.

I know it’s a cliché, but it feels like the sky really is the limit when it comes to the Cloud. It makes the role of directors and management that much more exciting and challenging at the same time, they need to keep up-to-date with these new technological advances and how they can benefit business. The important thing is not to be afraid of the Cloud, but rather to educate yourself about and embrace those changes that will help your business grow.

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