FIFA: Who do you support?

19 Jun 2014


The world is buzzing with the FIFA World Cup right now. Do you have a favourite team?

My team, if I had to choose, would be France, solely because it is my birth country. Though, after the South Africa World Cup, I was too disappointed to really follow their efforts.

Some people, though, are so invested in their teams that they proudly display their colours on their cars, their homes and some even their offices. Here at the office we have a poster to keep score, but no one seems particularly demonstrative about their partisanship, though this is England, land of football so, discreet as they may be, I’m sure it is an omnipresent thought.

When you are invested in something you love, you make the efforts to see it succeed. I wish that of every one of our Cloud based CRM system clients. I wish that they feel as passionate about their system as I do. I encourage you to speak to your friends, co-workers and people on the street about it. Sounds crazy huh? Well, once you fall in love with a brand, you tell people about it right! Do the same for your friendly, awesome OpenCRM team! Cheer us on and we will lead you to victory!