When Private really means KEEP OUT

2 Aug 2016

If you’re working on a top secret project that only a handful of people have knowledge of, it doesn’t stop you needing to be able to keep track of all the emails and tasks surrounding it. Luckily in OpenCRM, we have a suite of tools that will help you keep everything under wraps.

Before I get started on the ins-and-outs of our privacy tools, it is worth mentioning that any user who is a “System Admin” will be able to access any and all “private” records. So choose your system admins carefully.

Back to the main story…

By clicking the “Private” tickbox on an Activity, Project, Contact, Email, Document, etc., you’ll restrict access to only those users who are linked to them. This way, you can link any interested parties to the Project, for example, so you can all collaborate on it just like with any other Project, but make sure it is only visible to the people who need it.

This is all pretty straight forward stuff and really works exactly how you’d expect it to…it’s with the addition of our Pop2OpenCRM auto-import service that this all gets very interesting.

When you connect your email inbox to OpenCRM using Pop2OpenCRM, you make sure that every email you send and receive are copied into your system and linked with the relevant records.

Should you be sending a private or sensitive email, however, you want to make sure it isn’t visible in your CRM to every Tom, Dick, and Mary in the office. Using the “private” flag in Outlook or even just adding the word “private” to the subject, you ensure that only you (and any recipient of the email) will actually be able to see it in OpenCRM.

With strong privacy tools like this at your disposal, you can be sure that you can keep the same detailed records on your top secret project as on the not-so-secret ones.