Where Art Meets Science

13 Aug 2013

A thriving business requires a clever combination of art and science to be truly successful. The product and sales pitch need to be creative in order to capture the imagination or satisfy the needs and wants of the potential buyer. At the end of the day, results of sales activity also need to be analysed in order to see if that approach was successful. Similarly, creative thinking needs to be built from a solid technical foundation to be able to convert dreams into reality. Apple captured this line of thinking perfectly with the iPod – taking a music player and turning it into a lifestyle statement. Drinks creators need to have a sense of art in knowing exactly which puts the wow factor on the taste buds, and apply the science to this to make sure it is feasible to create a drink that can be produced, transported and sold in a profitable manner.

One way of harmonising the creativity with the statistical analysis is by using CRM. With a CRM solution that can be accessed by sales, marketing, accounts and all other relevant departments, the apparent barriers between the departments and the different roles can be brought down as the organisation is able to analyse the success of the products, service and chosen marketing and sales approach.

Here the definitions of what is art and what is science become very blurred.

The data analyst sees beauty in their calculations, tables and figures and sees how the figures display problems solved instead of simply being a series of numbers. The marketer might look back with pride at a well worded email, a clever video or an image that captured the imaginations of its target audience. But the marketer can harness the powerful tools within CRM to analyse their activity and improve their customer focus. Suddenly the void between qualitative data and quantitative analysis doesn’t seem so big, as you can put forward figures to support any changes in approach you may have made.

An art-meets-science approach means you can interpret the success of your creative efforts to focus on the elements that are appreciated by your customers and target audience.