Who Shares Wins

4 Oct 2011

One great feature of CRM is the capacity to maintain your calendar in the cloud and to plan your calls, meetings and tasks – those that are imminent, recurring tasks and the longer-term projects, as well as storing details of those jobs you have successfully completed. This becomes an incredibly powerful tool when you start implementing shared calendars.

Sharing a calendar means you can see what your colleagues have planned. If you are delegating activities a quick glance at the team calendar lets you know who is free and when. If you want to plan a team meeting you can slot that quickly into the calendar without having to send out emails to each invitee beforehand and wait for a response.

With a click of a button you can move between different calendar views. You could start off on a Monday morning by selecting the weekly view for your own calendar for a quick overview of your schedule for the week. You can then switch to your team calendar for the day in order to see what everyone in your team has on their agenda.  And if you decide to schedule that meeting as mentioned above you could look at the team calendar for the month and filter that on “holiday”, so you can see if and when anyone is away from work.

The calendar activities that you schedule are linked to notifications, so when you create an entry in the calendar this will trigger an email message, with a reminder going out shortly before the activity is due to take place. The essential factor in all of this – it removes the possibility of forgetting that all important event or meeting!

Sale Pitch: Calendars are an easily customisable feature of OpenCRM, with a huge variety of settings designed to display the information as you need it. Our new feature Gsync for OpenCRM enables you to synchronise your CRM calendar and contacts from OpenCRM with Google calendars and Gmail contacts. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details on this exciting piece of development.