Why am I here?

There are a number of reasons why you may have been directed here. Most likely you were trying to access one of our on-line services and something in the mix failed our security checking. Please read the information detailed below:

Your IP address has been blocked.

You may have been directed here because the IP address or an address from the same IP range has been entered on a watchlist which we are monitoring. If this is the case you should investigate on the web and speak with your internet service provider.

Country Specific – Some countries generate a high level of unusual or suspicious web traffic, we monitor these specifically and on occasion restrict access accordingly. Just drop us a quick message and we can unrestrict access from your location.

Unusual activity from your IP address.

It may be that your IP address has been associated with some unusual activity. If you suspect that this is the case you should contact us and request that we look to unblock your IP address from any restrictions that our systems may have applied. You should send a brief message to us including your IP address.

What might this mean? Well it can be a number of different things, often is it quite innocent and we can restore your access to our systems very easily with a brief email or telephone call – just get in touch and send us a message including your IP address.

How do I find my IP Address? – Can I check for blacklisting?

You can find your IP address by visiting this website: whatismyipaddress.com and your IP address will be displayed at the top of the page, it has the format When you visit the web site you are able to check for blacklisting (see the main menu navigation on the site). This will give you an idea if you IP address has been listed as having a problem, it also enables you to see what the listing criteria is for the more common IP blacklists.