CRM: the Cure for the Common Company Cold

12 Aug 2014

When your company doesn’t have a CRM (or isn’t utilising the one they have), it’s a bit like the whole office coming down with a cold.

Having a cold is pretty miserable, you’re a bit sluggish and disorientated, not to mention the constant dull ache whenever you try to move. It can be the same for a company not using CRM.

How so? You ask. Well, let’s go through the symptoms of No-CRM-itis:

When you’ve got a cold, the last thing you want to do is exert yourself. You feel tired and listless, without any energy. A company without a CRM may be perfectly able to cope with exactly what is in front of them, but ask for anything more and you might find you just don’t have the resources available.

Feel that dull pounding just behind your eyes, a constant pressure that just won’t ease? Without a CRM, a company and everyone in it can be put under unnecessary pressure to just keep things running. Messages will get lost, someone will save over the wrong spreadsheet, or just accidentally call someone from an outdated list of your customers. It’s easy to do without that central location working to relieve the day-to-day pressure.

Snotty nose
The worst bit of a cold in my mind, all that annoyance and mess, not to mention the way it muffles your voice. Keeping all of your records and communications held in a central CRM prevents the mess and annoyance of everyone having their own lists and having to chase each other for information, rather than just seeing it at their fingertips. Your communications won’t get garbled and rephrased when you can use email templates to ensure your company is always getting the right message across.

Achy joints
The achy joints and muscles you feel when you’ve got a cold are magnified in a case of No-CRM-it is. Every time you try to move forward or attempt to stretch out into new areas, people and departments struggle to keep up, protesting about the strain. Your company ends up feeling over-reached and stretched all the time, just like your joints when you’ve got a cold.

You can see why I think a lack of CRM is a lot like a cold for your business. Without a CRM, your team don’t have that centralised resource to keep everything organised and all communications accessible, so they can’t co-ordinate easily between themselves. It won’t stop you dead in your tracks, but it will slow you down and make everything you try to do that bit more difficult.

Why would you put yourself through it?

Luckily there’s a cure for the common company cold and you’re in just the right place to start your treatment.

Give us a call to see if we can be the cure for your No-CRM-it is.