Why do I think working in CRM is so cool?

6 Feb 2015

This is a question I ask myself when I reflect on my life, especially when trying to explain my job to friends and family… “Well I’m a Multimedia and Interface Designer for a cloud hosted CRM Software Development Company”… I may as well just say, “I’m a total geek (and I love it)”.

So why do I love it so much?

Because being a geek rocks. Well it does if you work for OpenCRM. I spend most of my days trying to think up different ways to make our product look (and behave) the best it can. From the software interface to email campaigns and sales documents, the job is the same.

What really makes this job something I look forward to every day is feeling like I work within a team who are building something really useful to people. CRM is a growing market, which is helping businesses every day become more streamlined and efficient, which in effect, is helping make them more proficient and economical all round.

As part of my job I have to keep an ear to the ground to keep in touch with what my colleagues are working on. I have to speak to our team, find out what new features we are developing, what areas of the system need improving, and how I can help make their jobs easier.

We have a fortnightly Show and Tell where our team show each other what they have been working on. Although sometimes this can seem a little dry and overly technical (for the non-developers amongst us), hearing about what we are doing with the system to enhance it and how we are helping customers with their businesses, is really something special.

Working for a firm who takes detail so seriously and work tirelessly with cutting edge technology to ever exceed ours’ and our customers’ expectations (we hope), does make me feel that I am part of something really quite fun.

Part of the cool gang, get in!