The importance of customer service for SaaS Suppliers

17 Aug 2015

Too often, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers are so keen to get their customers’ systems configured, they forget to listen to what their customers actually need. They let their efficiency leave their client feeling left in the dark, when they really should keep their customer in the navigator’s seat on their journey.

We have a saying here at OpenCRM – we want to be working on the same side of the table as you, tackling the problem you are having and bringing a collaborative solution. No one wants their business to be handed over without any control. When migrating your current system over to a new provider, you are putting your faith (and money) in the team’s hands, which means that you expect things to work and to be kept informed.

Some providers will promise the moon, talking about a system that does all these wonderful things, but doesn’t actually fit with a customer’s way of working or even what they were sold in the first place. This causes frustration to the client, and no wonder! You wouldn’t want to go to the store, buy some Cheerio’s, and then open the box realising you got Cornflakes instead – that’s not on.

SaaS companies need to remember that without their clients, they wouldn’t be able to operate. All the expertise they bring to the table should be there to provide the customer with what they need. Saying that, however, I don’t agree with the old adage ‘the client is always right’ as it’s not always true. A client comes to an expert for a reason, because they need a technical solution for a problem they can’t solve themselves. Both sides need to understand this – it’s about trusting and respecting the needs of the customer and the recommendations of the expert.

Great customer service surround the client throughout their journey, with the needs, the wants, and the aspirations of the client heard and also listened to. The system should be able to give them what they need and the process of making it should create a lasting, positive relationship. Positivity can only bring prosperity!

Ultimately, SaaS Providers need to remember to keep their customers in the loop and make sure they are confident every step of the way.

If you want to know how it’s done, give me a call, I’ll gladly walk you through the amazing product that is OpenCRM.