Why make things pretty?

6 Jun 2014

I have recently been given a new role within OpenCRM as a Multimedia and Interface Designer. This means that most, if not all of the things our company produce, I take and make attractive before they are published to the public. Normally this means taking anything that our customers see like; email templates, posters and PDF documents and applying some style rules via css code or software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Edge tools, to make them look more presentable and enticing.

Recently, I have been tasked with a slightly different job, which is making the office look pretty. My boss turned to me a few weeks ago and said ‘I think we need some colour on the walls’ so, I went away and designed some quite amusing -well I think so anyway- ‘motivational’ posters for the office.

These have now been printed and framed and sit quite well on our plain magnolia walls. A bit of colour and character on the walls seems to be going a long way. Personally, they definitely cheer me up as I walk past the different designs whilst going about my everyday business. The posters also seem to have another positive effect on staff, some of our quieter members of staff piped up and started asking for Sci-fi related ones and snowboarding ones to go by their desks. Its funny how making something a bit prettier can help brighten up people’s days but also encourage conversation and interaction within a workplace.

With this is mind, I want to share with you something quite brilliant that I stumbled upon today by Olivier Palatre Architects. Can you imagine being brought up in a school which is as colourful, vibrant and most of all as stimulating as this one. I just find it brilliant and so inspirational, the phrase ‘well why not’ springs to mind. As the architects website states ‘the interior spaces help to create different emotions…’ and ‘provide a stimulating and supportive environment for children and staff’.

The role in our society to make things pretty, is an important one – it not only keeps me in a job, but can actually help provide the feeling of innovation, inspiration and motivation in many areas of our everyday lives.