Why you should L.O.V.E Your CRM System

13 Feb 2014

The aim of this post it not to make you feel queasy with valentines loathe, but to help give you a few insights into how OpenCRM can help you to love your CRM system.

Lovely Leads

The Leads module can help a company track those early stages of their customer journeys. Any information about a potential customer that you want to track can be stored on the Lead record, like, what interaction there has been or how likely the suspect is to become a prospect. As well as this, other related details can be linked with the Lead record, like for example products they may be interested in. If you have a contact form on your website, OpenCRM has the ability to create records automatically from these so you don’t need to repeat any data entry. We can also help with marketing to these leads, you can filter your Lead records to get a list of the relevant people, then send useful email campaigns to these selected leads. We also have the ability to do data imports straight from CSV files.

Opulent Opportunities

The Opportunities module is very handy for keeping an eye on prospecting business. The opportunity record is designed to hold information within it like sales stages, value, probability of getting the business and expected close dates. You can have this record linked intelligently to any contact, company, quote – in fact most other records in OpenCRM – which is so useful as it works as central hub for that possible piece of business. Alike many of the modules in OpenCRM, you can set up Reports to check up on on how you are getting on with each piece of business you are hoping to secure.

Vivacious Versatility

We understand that businesses have a real need to be able to put their stamp on a CRM system. There are many ways OpenCRM can be customised to your company’s needs. The ability to add custom fields within modules and even remove or re-order fields and modules can help de-clutter systems and help make work processes much slicker and more effective. There are also many security levels for data stored in the system, by setting up user roles and profiles, you can make sure on the right people see the right data.

Enticing Emails

Keeping an eye on the full picture is essential when applying good customer care and management within a business. OpenCRM integrates with other email clients like Outlook, Gmail and other 3rd party email clients. It is possible to send emails straight from the system and link such emails to many different types of records in the system. We also have a bulk email price plan, so if you wish to base your marketing campaigns in OpenCRM, we can help make this possible. Again, if you want to personalise this module creatively, setting up views and using custom fields can make this area of the system incredibly powerful.