Winning the Jackpot!

29 May 2014

For those who tuned in last week, I spoke about my brother needing to sell himself to Aviation Companies to become their next pilot. Well, guess what? His efforts succeeded, he is now a full time pilot at a skydiving school. How cool is that? 

So what do you do when you win the business you have been courting? With OpenCRM, the best Salesforce alternative (see what i did there?), you would have had your leads in your Leads module and potentially some opportunities to track in the Opportunities Module. Well, now that you have won your deal, that you have gained a new client, how do you handle it? Get your head out of the clouds and into our Cloud Based CRM! 

In OpenCRM, when you convert your Lead into an Opportunity, it automatically creates an opportunity, a contact and a company. These are all of course linked and allow you to go from one to other with ease to maximise your knowledge about your client.

Generally speaking, when I gain a new client, I’ll create the quote, sales order and invoice from the opportunity directly. How great and easy is that? Then, I’ll speak with our amazing Project Managers and create a project for them to work their magic from, and keep everything and everyone in the loop. Once their job is done, it’s onto the hands of our Account Managers. They will, like the Sales team did at the start, continue to nurture the relationship created with the client and help guide them with any future needs in conjunction with the Support team to help with any technical aspects.

Now that you’ve seen how I would approach it, how would you? Do you have any questions? Feel free to give me or anyone here a call, we’ll gladly love to hear your methods or point you in the right direction!