WordPress iPhone app – adding the more tag

29 Nov 2008

This is just a quick update, on the off chance that someone else is out there, using the iPhone app for WordPress, and wants to know how you add the ‘more tag’ (thats the icon that inserts the Read More link and is available on the text editor, its the icon that looks like a page split in half), from the iPhone interface?

I have this problem because I frame my blog on a couple of other sites and (quite frankly) who am I kidding if I think people are actually interested in the drivel that I sometimes (some might say all of the time) write, so I wanted a way to reduce the text to a summary,

with a link to the full article.

This is what I mean…As I mentioned above, this is straight forward from the full editor, you just select the icon, but from the iPhone interface, this is not available, or at least that’s what I thought!

If you type, at the required point, the following text (its literal, because this being a WordPress blog article, it would otherwise put the Read More link instead of the example… if you see what I mean!)

<exclamation–more–> so instead of the word exclamation, replace this with the ! character (got it?)

Note – just in case the TWO dashes ( that’s – – but with no space between them) have been turned into a single dash [html characters and all that] this is TWO dashes not one. Either side of the word more.

This then breaks the article at this point, with the text Read the rest of this article >>

If you, like me, need to do this, I hope this has helped.