Work Experience: everybody wins

4 Jul 2017

This week, OpenCRM is playing host to a student from a local secondary school for his work experience. He has been talking to everyone here, shadowing people to understand their job role, and working on some odd little jobs around the office.

Work experience is great for both the company and the student.

The company gets a chance to get involved with their local community, reminding themselves why they got excited about development, technology, or customer service in the first place. Richmond is a relatively small community, so there isn’t as much opportunity for students to get to access to

And the student…well, I’ll let him speak for himself.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to: Griff.

I decided to do my work experience with OpenCRM because I am interested in software and technology. My classes at school have taught me a bit about computers and software but I wanted to find out more about them that’s why I wanted to come to OpenCRM.

Another reason why I wanted to come to OpenCRM was because it was the only tech company near me.

So far I have learned about computers more and I look forward to building my knowledge on them further with the developers.