The Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge

19 Mar 2015


The Yorkshire Three Peaks walk is a circular walk with a distance of approximately 25 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing, in the heart of the Pennines. It takes in the iconic fells of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, and the challenge is to complete the walk within 12 hours.

The team here at OpenCRM is not made up of super-athletes or fitness freaks. But whilst some of us may enjoy the outdoors more than others, what we do like is taking part in activities outside of normal office life, bringing the team together. Even for the more experienced walkers, the Yorkshire Three Peaks is a real tough one, pushing people to their boundaries. A lot depends on the team – looking out for each other and benefiting from a support crew for supplies and encouragement.

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As well as bringing along friends and family, we have invited the team from Arch Recovery college, Durham, to walk with us. All together there will be around 30 of us participating in either a walking or support role. Although the walk is challenging, it is also extremely rewarding, offering incredible views and a real sense of achievement.

Visit our blog to see what we have been saying about our Y3P challenge.

Who are we doing this for?


At OpenCRM we believe strongly in helping our staff maintain healthy and happy lifestyles. By taking part in the Three Peak Challenge we are encouraging our staff and peers to be involved with something that is fun, productive and most importantly, good for them. The other positive we hope to achieve from putting on this event is to raise a nice lump of money for a brilliant charity who are working for the young people of our community to help improve the quality of their lives and help give some hope to people affected by young suicide.

PAPYRUS exists to give young people hope and to prevent young suicide. They draw from the experience of many who have been touched personally by young suicide across the UK and speak on their behalf in campaigns and in their endeavours to save young lives. Their mission is to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives by shattering the stigma around suicide and equipping young people and their communities with the skills to recognise and respond to suicidal behaviour.

What they do, in a nutshell:

  • They provide confidential support and advice to young people and anyone worried about a young person
  • They work with and train professionals
  • They campaign and influence national policy

Celebrity Interest

We have had a great response from friends and family who’ve signed up for the challenge, donated to the cause, or encouraged us in our training.

We’ve also had some tips and encouragement from a celebrity! One of our organisers, Tom Chapman, was out on a walk that was being covered by the BBC Radio 4 programme “Ramblings” and told Clare Balding all about our Y3P challenge. Check out the video to see her words of encouragement.

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Where are we walking?

Our walk starts and finishes in the village of Horton-in-Ribblesdale. We will be walking in the traditional anti-clockwise circuit starting with the ascent of Pen-y-Ghent. The next peak is Whernside, with the route taking in the iconic viaduct at Ribblehead. After Whernside there is a steep climb up to the top of Ingleborough, passing through some spectacular limestone pavement scenery along the way. On a clear day from the summit of Ingleborough you can enjoy views that stretch as far as north Wales or even the Isle of Man. After stopping for a breather, we will complete the walk with the trek back to Horton. There are two checkpoints, the first at Ribblehead and the second close to Chapel-le-Dale.

The Route

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Who’s Involved?

Graham Anderson
Managing Director, OpenCRM

The Y3P challenge has given me a really good reason to be more active. I have been desk-bound for too long and therefore looking forward to going back to my roots and getting in amongst the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with my team. I hope we can raise some good support, awareness and sponsorship for Papyrus too, who are a charity working so hard for a cause close to my heart. I’m just wondering if Bailey the office dog will be up to taking on this challenge with me!

Helen Burton
Creative Director, OpenCRM

The staff here might joke about how much of a maternal boss I am, but it’s true; caring for my own children and now our staff comes as second nature to me so I feel that my role in the support team for Y3P is very fitting. On the day I will be helping not only my husband, but all of our athletic staff members, friends and family by providing food, drinks and words of encouragement as they tackle this impressive test of endurance for such a great cause.

Phil Marsay
Technical Director, OpenCRM

I first did the Yorkshire 3 peaks with a couple of friends (including Paul Ryder from the team here) back in 2011. I said then “never again”. A year later the same friends did it again – so I did it on a mountain bike, and afterwards said “definitely never again”. So here I am, going for my hat-trick of never wanting to do it again, but it’s all for a good cause and I’m sure it will be fun this time around with the OpenCRM army. Maybe this time I’ll try it on a pogo stick?

Paul Ryder
Operations Director, OpenCRM

I’m always up for a challenge and if it’s outdoors and physically demanding all the better. I enjoy being active whether its mountain biking, snowboarding or walking. I’ve done the Yorkshire Three Peaks a couple of times now, it can be tough but also rewarding even if you are cursing the fact you can barely walk for days afterwards! I’m looking forward to tackling it again for a good cause and to enjoy spending time with colleagues and friends.

Ian Head
Tom’s Brother-in-Law

I love being outdoors but have to say hiking and peaks are out of my comfort zone. I can be found more regularly on 2 wheels. My biggest challenge to date is the fens ride which is 9 hours in the saddle and over 150 miles. I’m hoping this will hold me in good stead for what I know is going to be a tough challenge. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with new people but particularly my boys Manu, Fin and Dylan as well as Anna, TC & Claire.

Justin Strong
Project Manager, OpenCRM

Even though I am not one for the outdoors I have had the pleasure of organising quite a few Yorkshire 3 Peaks events for charities before. When I heard that my colleagues were going to undertake this endeavour I naturally offered my services in assisting with support (definitely not the walk itself as I am far too unfit!). I have no doubt it will be an enjoyable (and possibly wet) day for all.

Louisa Riggs
E-Commerce Coordinator, I Love Gorgeous

I really enjoy being outdoors. The feeling of reaching a summit and thinking that I am so lucky to be able to get there is something I really appreciate. I’ve completed the Y3P challenge twice over and both times I overtly expressed that there was absolutely no way I would do that again…ever! Well, clearly I didn’t stick to that the first time and now I’m back for another try! I’m really looking forward to the day and ultimately it’s for such an important cause. It’s a real pleasure to be a part of it all.

Mark Sherit
Quality Assurance Assessor, Student Finance England.

I love being active and especially exploring the British countryside. I’ve completed walking challenges from the coastal path at Flower’s Barrow-Bindon Hill in Dorset to the spectacular scenery of The Quiraing on the Isle of Skye, but have never attempted an expedition on this scale. The Y3P will be demanding but also a lot of fun and a good opportunity to support the great work of PAPYRUS. I’m looking forward to seeing friends again and meeting new people.

Jonathan Bennett
Tammy’s Husband

As an Infantry soldier of 20+ years it comes naturally to be out in the elements tabbing for hours, sometimes days on end. Wind, rain, hail and mud are old friends; so taking part in this Y3P challenge will be a joy, the only aspect of Y3P that may prove challenging is making sure “Mrs B” doesn’t cross the finish line before me! I am looking forward to a day in the Yorkshire Dales with a great bunch of people raising funds for Papyrus. PS: the daysack is packed, but I am forgoing the Boy Scout uniform!

Tom Chapman
Project Manager, OpenCRM

I love the outdoors and consider myself extremely lucky to be living in close proximity to the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and North York Moors. I have walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks a few times now, so when I see the hills of Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, it is like saying hello to old friends. Big, tough, arduous, unforgiving old friends… I’m excited to be out there with the team and my nearest and dearest, having a great day raising money and awareness for an important cause.

Fin Chapman
School Student, Tom’s Nephew

I am a 12 year old scout who has enjoyed a ‘District Challenge’ of 36 kilometers over 2 days, so I am hoping I will manage this challenge. However, my ‘District’ is pretty flat?! I am looking forward to walking with my dad, aunts and uncle and meeting my mum at points along the walk.

Manu Chapman
School Student, Tom’s Nephew

I have been breaking in my walking boots to prepare my feet for this challenge! I remember my Aunt Claire and Uncle Tom Chapman taking me on a walk up Roseberry Topping and am thinking I have to walk up three of those?! Am a right? We will see.

Dylan Chapman
School Student, Tom’s Nephew

I will be discovering some parts of the Challenge with my cousins, mum and Grandmere and cheering you all on! See you on the route.

Anna Chapman
Tom’s Sister

The Three Peaks Challenge is certainly a challenge for me. I have never taken part in such a big event so I am really looking forward to it. I run and swim regularly and hopefully this will give me the physical strength to complete, and I am looking to fellow walkers to provide the mental support, perhaps a sing song!!!

Carol Gedye
Musical Director, Freelance (Abi’s Mum)

I like walking and being out in the countryside, especially when I can stop and look at the wild flowers. Unfortunately this does slow down the pace of a walk, so I will be “in support” for the Y3P Challenge. As a Mum, music teacher and friend, I always try to be there to listen, and find it so sad that there are people out there who feel they have no one to talk to in their dark hours. By supporting Papyrus I hope we will enable a sympathetic and helpful resource to be available for those who need it most.

Joanne Thomson
Recovery College Operations Manager, Arch

I’m extremely fortunate to live so close to the North York Moors, and love to go walking in my spare time. I’m quite active and do regular kettle bell classes, HIIT classes, Yoga and jogging, however I’ve never tackled a challenge quite like this, with Roseberry Topping probably being the biggest hill I’ve climbed! I’m really looking forward to the day, as it will really push me, but also is a great excuse to be in the outdoors doing something for an excellent cause.

Claire Chapman
Recovery College Manager, Arch

I’ve conquered the Yorkshire 3 Peaks 3 times, in varying weather conditions. Each time has been both challenging and rewarding, and each time I have wondered why on earth I’m doing it! This time will be a bit different, as it’s for a great cause. Having worked in mental health services for many years, I am passionate about recovery and enabling people to have meaningful and fulfilling lives. Papyrus provide vital support and advice to vulnerable young people who may not feel able to approach NHS services. I’m looking forward to spending a fun (and exhausting) day with family, friends and colleagues.

William Gedye
Retired (Abi’s Dad)

Since retiring, I have run an organisation ‘Richmondshire Walking For Health’ with the aim of getting inactive adults out walking for between 30-90 minutes to help with recovery from illness, loss of weight, improvement to self-esteem and a chance to meet and make new friends. I was very pleased when Abi and co. decided to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. I am enjoying meeting and helping to coach others taking part, on our training walks, and am delighted that Opencrm have selected PAPYRUS as the sponsored charity – a very worthwhile cause. Support from PAPYRUS is unfortunately badly needed in Richmond where too many young lives have been lost to suicide. I am currently ‘bagging’ all the Yorkshire Dales hills over 2000 feet so will get 3 at once.

Jamie Booth
Support Technician, OpenCRM

I’m doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge because it is very different to my normal, everyday life. I just wanted to do something for a bit of a change of pace. It’s great to be able to get out and do something with friends in the outdoors. Plus, my wife is going to come along and we’ve already got a bit of a bet going for who will have the most blisters by the end!

Tammy Mitchell-Bennett
Business Development, OpenCRM

As the resident fitness guru at OpenCRM, I am normally found in the safe and warm confines of the local Gym. However I could not pass up this opportunity which will push me outside my comfort zone. I will be aided along the way by my very own “big boy scout”- my infantry soldier husband so I have no excuse for not completing the route. I am throwing caution to the wind, braving the Great Yorkshire weather as well as these unforgiving peaks to support an amazing charity and my colleagues.

Ashley Tallyn
Compliance and QA Manager

Although I love being active and getting out walking, riding my bike, or playing a bit of sport, I’ve let these hobbies fall by the wayside in the last few years. Even at my most active, though, I don’t think I ever tried anything as ambitious as the Yorkshire Three Peaks. I’m using this event, not only as a way to get outside and do something fun with the team in aid of a good cause, but to re-ignite my love of the outdoors.

Abi Gedye
Multimedia and Interface Designer, OpenCRM

I am also a keen walker and lover of being active. Throughout the year, I can be found freezing on a hockey pitch, sweating on a netball court or running the routes of Richmond in training for whatever charity ‘fun’ run I have recently signed up for. I have also done part of the the Y3P route before, but I was a young child! Similar to my last experience, my folks will be joining in and helping out with the day, which along with my colleagues, should make for a great day out for a great cause.