Yorkshires Finest Excellence Awards 2011

7 Sep 2011

It is always nice to be nominated for awards and especially welcoming when the awards actually mean something to you as a business and thats exactly what the Yorkshires Finest Excellence Awards is to us.

We believe very strongly in community and seeing regional businesses do well and as a rural business ourselves being given the opportunity to talk about our business in this context is always heart warming. Its particularly good news for all of the team here at Software Add-ons who work so hard to deliver OpenCRM and to recognise that you dont have to be in centre of a city to deliver great services and attract high calibre people.

I guess this is just a great big Well Done (this isn’t that big – but the one below is 🙂 for everyone connected with OpenCRM including our clients around the world.

As I say, it’s nice to be recognised and lets see what happens in the final shake up!