You Are Unique – making your CRM solution unique to you

22 Jul 2011

We have a huge variety of Customers. Size of Company, nature of business, location of the organisation – each one is unique. It stands to reason that different customers have different needs and expectations from their CRM solution. Some may need a simple contact management solution, others will need a more sophisticated Support and Helpdesk system, yet others may need a CRM solution to communicate information between teams, users and offices, whilst others may need a combination of all of the above.

The good news is that OpenCRM is a highly customisable tool. You can use the bare minimum,

or expand what’s on offer to the max and customise this to make it unique to you. Our team is here to help get your CRM solution onto the same page as your organisation and to help show you what CRM can do for you. Let us help take your business management to a new level.

Of course as the data is held in the cloud, your custom settings will be there each time you log in, irrelevant of which device you are using. One of the more popular customisations is the shortcut – access to information you need quickly and easily. This can be done by creating custom views of records, adding views to mini-tabs, or selecting which data is visible on your home screen.

A cost effective cloud-based CRM solution offers big tools for a small price. Storage and user limitations are a thing of the past with OpenCRM. We are completely aware of just how competitive the CRM market is and so we do our best to offer great product, service and support for a fantastic price.