You really can email Santa!

14 Dec 2010

I was sat with my wife discussing how late I was sending my Christmas list to Santa, and I argued that I had not missed the deadline because I was not relying on the post, I could always send an email. My wife said “how? you don’t even know his email address”.

Now, she was sort of right, but not one to be beaten, I decided to guess at his address, and send an email straight away.

I sent an email to just to see what would happen.

Well, I was amazed, not to say pretty excited, I got an email back (I was checking my mail expecting a ‘bounce mail message’), but no, I got an

email, and it was personalised.

So don’t tell me Santa is not in the 21st century, who knows, he probably does video conferencing when dealing with rural areas.

I am going to add Santa to my mail list, you never know he might even write an article for us.

Take a look at his site and Merry Christmas to you all and a very prosperous New Year.