Your customers already know what they want to buy!

13 Jul 2012

In today’s market, the customer is savvier than ever before. They use the internet to research different offers, products, service levels and price comparisons all the time. This enables the customer to carry out their own market research and be well informed before making an enquiry, let alone a purchase.

What you as a product or service provider are able to do is position yourself and your product to be there when the customer is ready to make that purchase. There are many ways of doing this, amongst others this can be done by analysing customer behaviour. Whether this is keeping tabs on

your leads by logging click-through activity on your newsletters and bulletins, or by reviewing existing customers buying history and purchase patterns, you can build up a fairly accurate graph which will tell you when customers are likely to make a purchase. Of course there are external factors you cannot cater for which will alter the outcome – freak weather conditions, problems with the banking establishments, mobile phones networks down, not to mention all the other fun stuff that has been thrown at us recently – but you are still able to build a reasonably accurate picture.

Within a CRM solution you can monitor your lead and customer activity and this information can be used to trigger actions to encourage purchase. Furthermore, an active customer relationship also gives you the opportunity to cross or upsell related products, and as that relationship grows you have the chance to bring other products and services into the game.

Your customers know what they want. You need to be in place to anticipate and satisfy that demand. Let your CRM software help you get the most from your customer base by showing you who your best and most profitable customers are allowing you to offer them the best possible service. Discover the opportunities that a CRM solution offers in helping you be at the right place and at the right time when a new customer is ready to make a purchase and be there to welcome them aboard!