60 Seconds to Clarity: 5 simple steps

21 Aug 2014

So many things happen in a day, you need your Cloud CRM system to be as seamless as possible. What can you do to make your life even simpler thanks to OpenCRM?


Did you know that the word priority, meaning “comes first, was originally only used in the singular? Because how could multiple things all be first on your list? It stayed that way for 500 years .

But in our day and age, it doesn’t seem possible that you ever have just one thing on your mind, making it difficult to keep track of it all. So it’s more important than ever to make sure you mark them as important. OpenCRM helps you do that with Priority Status pick list, Status pick lists or colour coding lists of due dates on Opportunities you need to look at!

60 seconds or less

Take a 60 seconds every couple hours to think: “is this important and will it help me progress my day?” If it isn’t stop and move on to the next “priority.” You can always come back to it when you have a bit more time.

Deal with your inbox the same way, if you can deal with it in 60 seconds or less. Deal with it, don’t let it stay in your to do list.

2 for 1

This is a little rule I’ve learnt from good mentors: When adding an Activity into your diary, make sure you can strike off two. It will help ensure you are moving forward with what you need to do, and that you don’t clutter your Activity list. Use the “complete” button in the Activities module to get all your tasks out of the way quickly and smoothly.

Automate your No’s

Saying “no” is so hard. I am a people person and it is ridiculously difficult for me to say no. Sometimes though, you just have to.

When you need to get your head down and focus, set up an Email auto response to let people know you have received their email and will get back to them as soon as possible. This allows the receiver to get an instant response, but at minimal effort from you.

No hassle tomorrow

This is one that I often struggle with, but before leaving the office on a night, try to make a plan for the following day. What you can do now to alleviate your schedule tomorrow? Are there any little emails you can quickly respond to? Anything that you know can be pushed to later in the day or the week? By having this done before you come back into the office, it will allow you to spend your mornings focused on tasks rather than list making.

If you have any other efficiency methods or questions on how OpenCRM can help you get your days better organised, give me a call and we can talk about it!