Allacazam Allacazee: Make a Field Appear for Me!

6 Jun 2017

As we all know a CRM System is only any good if your team use it, otherwise it will sit there gathering virtual dust.

By tailoring your solution to match what you actually do makes your system more familiar to the team, they then know what to do and are more likely to use it.

Let me explain further…..

You and your business will have words, phrases and terminologies that are unique to you. When you are making OpenCRM your own recreate those words, phrases, and terminologies.

Whether it be a whole new custom field, changing a system Field Label, the values, or Conditional Fields (I will come back to them in a second as if by magic!), if they match your processes, they are more likely to be used.

That’s because when your team start using OpenCRM they will see the Field Labels, then most importantly they will recognise them and then get that feeling of reassurance that they know what to do with it.

By tailoring your solution it is less daunting for new users and that has to be a good thing.

Something else to consider is keeping the information you need to store defined……Drum Roll Please …………………. Ladies and Gentleman……. a Conditional Field…. Ta Da

Conditional Fields are a great example way you can make sure your team fills in the right information at the right time.

Basically, when you choose the correct Value in one Field (The Condition) then another field will appear as if by magic.

Let me demonstrate, I have a field for instance ‘ID Received’ and I can chose from the Values Yes or No.

If I choose the Value ‘Yes’ a conditional Field will appear which may be called ‘Type of ID’ with a choice of values Passport, Driving Licence, National ID Card. This is a great way of keeping your system nice and tidy but making sure you can gather the information you need.

And now for my next trick making a cup of Tea Appear…………. I might be waiting I while for that one!