Diving into the deep end of CRM

21 Oct 2019

When I say deep end we are talking not so much a swimming pool style deep….more an oceanic trench. Unfortunately CRM systems are one of those things where to be up to your noggin in it is the only way forwards, there is no “going for a paddle” so to speak.

Yes while it is true a lot of companies will offer you a demo or a trial (click here for an article on the difference). The true power behind your CRM system cannot be explored in a week’s trial, which is why bringing on a new CRM system is very much a case of diving into the deep end. Look at that we are back where we started….Well this is awkward, I’ll just keep talking.

Setting up your CRM system is going to be tough, there is a lot to go through. But you have chosen to do it for a reason.

One of these reasons may be you need to organise your data. Having your data all in one place is vital it’s easier to keep track of and is more secure because you don’t have to multi-task when looking after your data. The simpler it is the less likely it is to go wrong.

Bringing your data together will also bring your teams together. When your teams are together they work better because the communication is better. No matter what the reason is it flows into more great things within your company..

This time and effort to set up and implement a new system is what can put many businesses off the idea of CRM. Not just small businesses either, even larger businesses can be put off by the idea of CRM. But why? Well the reasons for the two are quite different…Let’s have a look.

Small businesses and CRM diving.

For a small business moving to a CRM means two things: Money and Time. Both of these are vital to any business but more so to a small one. (Personally I dislike the term “small business”, a business is waiting for its chance, it isn’t small—but that’s nothing to do with this blog really.)

Back to the two reasons a small business might put off getting a new CRM solution.

The Cost

Money is of course a difficult one the obvious solution being pick the cheapest CRM right? Because nobody wants to spend money ( unless its one of those super cool things which you buy and everyone else points out its junk but you don’t listen because its your super cool thing).

Of course the goal of a CRM system is to streamline your business and improve the efficiency of your departments. The end goal of all this is to increase revenue, making that initial investment back…plus some more.


The bottom line

We've got a simple pricing structure: a per user monthly fee that gives you access to the whole of Open CRM. No restrictions and no hidden fees. See? We told you it was simple.

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All That Time

Time can be seen as a worse limiter than the cost…Why? Well you can make the cash back and time you can’t (unless you can time travel or something in which case why are you reading this!).

It takes time to move data or to set up bespoke work or even train your staff on how to use the new system. It all adds up, which may be putting off the “smaller business”.

But on the flip side, you only need to do this once. That being said, having all your data in one easily accessible place could save you time in the long run. No cross checking, no jumping from page to page, just click and done. So have you really lost time? That’s for you to decide.

But don’t forget the Benefit

Now let it be noted it’s not all doom and gloom, not at all. Having a CRM system opens up many doors in what you can do with your data. For example, the smaller business will probably want to get the word out about the product they offer.

Let’s say for example the smaller business is using OpenCRM in all its glory and wants to send an email to every contact they have. Without a CRM system doing this would take a long time (see you in 20 years). In OpenCRM it’s just a case of a tick box, decide what you want to say and click send. Bang! You just sent an email to all your customers!

This is just one of the MANY things you can do with OpenCRM or CRM systems in general. Yes the costs maybe seem to ever loom over you and the time can feel like a big waste of, but the benefits you receive from it are huge.


What do you get with OpenCRM?

Unrivalled customer support? 2TB of storage per account? Data held in EU? It's the sort of stuff we think you should be able to take for granted, but which you won't necessarily get from our competitors.

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Large Businesses in the deep end of CRM

Now for a large business…well…the “concerns” are really the same. Let’s be honest, having enough time and money are fairly universal concerns. Before we dive into how these concerns differ from their smaller cousins, I’d like to first cover why the business is large.

Well it’s obvious really, the business has grown…but how?

By having earned more customers and therefore more money. More money pays for more time. This is why a large business may seem as though it does not face the same pressures a smaller one might when choosing to invest in a new CRM.

But that being said, larger businesses will have more users, more data, and potentially more customisation that needs to be done. Their needs may be more complex or at least have more elements to them. It is the nature of larger businesses to have fingers in more pies after all.

On the other hand a larger business would reap the same rewards (writ large) from the jump to CRM. But why is that? Well a larger business will have more contacts, leads, sales orders and all that juicy stuff. And the more data you have, the harder it is to keep track of it all, the same with anything.

Having a CRM system eliminates all the digging around for data…it’s all in a single, central repository. A contact’s email address (if it has been input into the system correctly) will be in the Contacts module, rather than spreadsheet 542,853 row 97 column 40. Just search for the person you need and PUFF! There they are, ready to hear from you.

All being said it really is a big step jumping to a CRM system and there are a lot of questions to be asked…a lot to think about. We get that. So don’t go diving into that oceanic trench pool analogy thing and get lost in the dark. Take a guide, ask your questions, and swim in the deep end of CRM with some confidence.

If there is anything you would like to ask us please don’t hesitate to get in touch we are only a click away (that little circle logo in the corner is a live chat!).