Contact Management

Open CRM Contact management makes your customer relationships stronger giving you a real ally when managing these relationships.

Contact Management

Access it all

Quickly pull up details about any of your Contacts’ related Companies, Activities, Opportunities, Projects, financial transactions, customer service Tickets and any other record on the system. Synch with Outlook, and respond in the most appropriate way with all the information you could need right at your fingertips.

Customise and automate

Include Contact data within the Emails and Documents you create in Open CRM, making it easy for your users to send customised, personal communication.

Ensure all your communication is on-brand and on-message with our Email and Document templates.

See the bigger picture

Allow group members to share the same records and assign team members to help manage the progress of a relationship.

Assign permissions across all record types to implement any custom security policies.

Manage your lists

Import Contacts from a variety of different sources to help with the marketing process, such as exhibition delegate lists.

Data is key

Track key Sales data, financial transactions, customer service incidents and more.

Customise the information you hold on each record, display only those pieces of information that are relevant to this Company or the user who is viewing the record.

Manage your relationships

Build hierarchical relationships between Companies with the ability to hold Head Office information and related Companies (Branch and Sister Companies), view these relationships within a tree view to graphically navigate the knowledge within your business.

All in one place

Keep all of the Company information in one place making it easy to find what you need.