Customer Service Management

The customer service tools available to you in Open CRM will give your team all the tools they need to provide a fantastic level of support while

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HelpDesk at the Heart

At the centre of our suite of customer service management tools is our HelpDesk module. Every member of your team can view ongoing and closed Tickets, because it is an integrated part of your CRM system. This means they can see anything that relates to the Contact or Company they are engaging with.

CRM Features List

Auto-Emailing with One Click

Automatically send out your own custom emails when a new Ticket is opened. This includes different emails for different types of Tickets!

Your support team will be able to send out automatic replies, including your customised “closed ticket” email, with a single click.

CRM Features List

Managing your Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Setting global or contractual SLAs is easy in [open crm] and that includes different time limits depending on the severity of the Ticket.

Your customer service team will be automatically notified when one of their Tickets approaches these SLA times (and again if anything goes above them).

CRM Features List

Details at a Glance

Get an overview of where your team is using the graph at the top of the HelpDesk module. It shows the status of your Tickets, so you can see at a glance how many are closed, open, HOT, etc. Feel free to customise these statuses to fit your business.

See who is signed into your support desk at any given time using our handy sidebar widget.

CRM Features List

Integrated Time Management

Easily see how much time has been spent on a particular Ticket, how long it has been open, and how quickly your team responded to the initial request.

Although you could create a Report, the aggregated figures appear on linked contracts. So you can see how much time has been spent on each. Giving you that high level overview of which customers are requiring the most attention.

CRM Features List

Customer Service Portal

Give your customers access to your Customer Portal. From there they can open new Tickets, add comments to ongoing ones, and even view their previously closed support requests.

It’s not just for Tickets–you can give your customers access to view Invoices, Quotes, update contact details, and more.

CRM Features List

Linked FAQ Library

Use the FAQ module within [open crm] to hold the answers to commonly asked questions. Direct your customers there or include a link to a particular article straight from a HelpDesk Ticket.