The Customer Portal: A Window into your Company

1 Dec 2016

Every system we create has a little window built into the side of it. We call it the Customer Portal and it gives you the ability to forge an even closer connection with your customers.

And the best part? It’s completely free to use, just ask our support team to switch it on for you. You’ll be live within a matter of minutes.

So what can you do with the Customer Portal? How does it bring you closer to your customers?

Well, there are lots of things you can do with the Portal, but I thought I’d go through some of the highlights…

Keep your records up to date

For starters, you can use the Customer Portal to ensure that all the Contacts in your system have the ability to keep their email address and other contact details up to date. This means fewer bounced emails or missed calls.

Approve Sales Orders Online (e-sign)

When you are negotiating a new Opportunity, you want to know the instant someone is ready to buy. With the e-sign feature on the Customer Portal, you’ll not only be instantly notified when someone approves a Sales Order, the system will also automatically update the record, saving you a job.

No More Invoice Requests

Speaking of saving you time, by giving the financial administrators at your customers’ companies access to the Portal, they’ll be able to download any Invoices they’ve misplaced. It saves them having to call you and you having to find and send the Invoice.

Collaborate on Projects or Support Tickets

When you’re working with one of your customers on a Project or they open a new support request, they can easily login to the Portal to check the progress of this work and provide you with updates. They can even upload files directly to the Project or Ticket directly from the Portal.

Publish FAQs

Another useful area of the Portal is the FAQ tab, which gives you the ability publish your own frequently asked questions for your customers to use whenever they need.


You can see how the Customer Portal will allow your customers a secure window into your company that will benefit both of you…and save everyone that little extra time.

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