Email Marketing and Event Management

We think you should be able to do everything from your CRM system. That’s why we’ve included email marketing and event management tools as standard for every customer.

CRM Features List

Custom email templates

Create as many custom email templates as you need, either using our editor or copy from an external creator. You can even duplicate the templates that come free with your system.

CRM Features List

Email marketing stats

Gather marketing statistics, from click-throughs to opens to unsubscribes, by building links using our Click Through Wizard.

Link your Opportunities, Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices to your Campaigns. The aggregated figures will be displayed right alongside your other stats. So with a glance you can see how each Campaign has performed.

CRM Features List

Send at the right time

Set the best time for your emails to send whenever you send out a Campaign. You can schedule these as far into the future as you like, giving you the ability to automate your marketing process.

You can also build advanced email plans to send follow up emails based on each individual’s responses.

CRM Features List

Subscription management

Allow your subscribers to choose which emails they want to receive. Using these changes, they can be automatically remove from those Campaigns.

As an added bonus, your customers can also update their contact details while adjusting their email preferences!

CRM Features List

Build lists automatically

Create as many lists (or custom views) as you need. Each Contact, Lead, or Company that meets your criteria will be added to these lists.

When adding these lists to a Campaign, you will be notified whether any of the individuals you are adding have previously chosen to unsubscribe.

CRM Features List

Manage event attendance

Use the Events module to manage meetings, events you are hosting or attending, and pretty much any gathering of people.

Link your Contacts and Companies to show those who are definitely attending, those who might be attending, staff who are working, and those who are sponsoring it.

Record attendance, fee payment, and manage multiple sessions all from a single screen.