Keep the Focus on Sales

27 Oct 2014

A CRM system is a great tool for keeping your business organised and on track. One of the key departments for moving your business forward, however, has to be your sales force. Management, specifically strong leadership, is essential to ensuring your sales team is focused and performing to the best of their abilities.

OpenCRM has a variety of tools and features that have been designed for just this purpose.

One of the most popular motivational tools for sales people is giving them targets. In OpenCRM, you can easily display an individual user’s target or the entire company’s target by the month, quarter, or year right in the sidebar, as a constant reminder how their performance. Additionally, you can set targets within your Opportunity Pipeline to show them what sales they have coming up, what they’ve already sold, and how close they are to reaching that target.

Delegated Activities
When you set your team a task, you want to make sure it gets done. In OpenCRM, if you create an Activity, be it a call, meeting, or task, and assign it to one of your users, you can easily see a list of these Activities in the “My Outstanding Delegated Activities” view in the Activities module.

User Permissions
If you want to keep your sales force focused on just their own Leads and Opportunities, why not set your user permissions so that they can only see their own records (no Team membership, default security = Public) or so all the records in those modules have a default security of “Private.”

Mandatory Fields
Sales people are always busy and will sometimes forget, in their hurry, to fill out a necessary field. You can easily set a field a “mandatory,” which will not allow a record to be saved until that field has been populated. This is a quick and easy way to remind your sales team of the need for detail.

These are just a selection of some of the features and tools you can use you keep your sales team on track. Get in touch with our own friendly and focused sales team if you want to take the next step in sales force management.